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Circular Economy in Facts and Figures
Statistical values on recycling management summarised on a central page.
France opens the market for packaging recycling
The system of taking back and recycling packaging is still a monopoly in France.
New country sheets published in DaTeR
The country sheets for Canada, Australia and Argentina are now freely accessible for member companies in the VDMA database for technical regulations. Further countries will follow.
China: Study on the recovery of biogenic fractions from municipal waste presented
In recent years, the People's Republic has made enormous efforts towards sustainable waste management.
Are your machines fit for the USA market?
The technical requirements for machinery and equipment for the US market differ from European requirements in some areas.


In waste compactors, malfunctions in the area of the press shaft are often rectified in disregard of the operating and maintenance instructions. This always leads to serious or even fatal accidents.
The VDMA database "Machine Safety Standards" can be used to search for safety standards relating to the Machinery Directive.
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