Plastics in seas, rivers and landfills, continuously increasing quantities of plastics and unsatisfactory recycling rates of about 30 percent in Europe, 25 percent in China and only about 9 percent in the USA. The material that has made life easier since the 1950s has fallen into disrepute.
Political breakfast on 18 October on the ideas and visions of future plastics recycling.
With the retirement of Helge Wendenburg, the head of the department for "Water Management, Resource Conservation" has to be replaced.
The 27 lines of the coalition agreement are dedicated to recycling management - a concrete catchword is waste wood recycling.
After the general election, there will be new rapporteurs from the factions for circular economy.
Implementation instructions for the Industrial Waste Ordinance will only be revised at the end of 2018.
The technical requirements for machinery and equipment for the US market differ from European requirements in some areas.
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