Greece - Corfu: Kerkyra Waste Management Association launches tender for new waste treatment plant
The AHK Greece informs about a project of a new waste treatment plant which was put out to tender in May 2020 by the waste management association Kerkyra.
Market exploratory trip to Georgia from 07 - 11 December 2020
Business opportunities through the climate-friendly transformation of waste management in Georgia. Information on travel and registration can be found here.
Lebanon wants to get to grips with waste problem
In the run-up to the RAWMEC (Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition & Conference) taking place in Beirut on 23-25 June, the government is setting the course to finally get the ongoing waste problem in the country under control.
VDMA: Waste Treatment and Recycling Technology continues stable growth course
Waste Treatment and Recycling Technology continues to grow steadily. Sales increase by 2.9 percent in 2018 - expectations fulfilled. Industry expects a good 3 percent growth for 2019
Russian Federation: state-owned company for waste recycling established
By 2024, 40 new waste treatment plants are to be built.
Chilean market for waste and recycling technologies
Practical experience from the Chile business.
China makes itself less dependent on environmental technology from Germany
China would also like to make itself much more independent of other markets in the recycling sector.
Sector economy picks up speed
Sales increase by 3 percent in 2017 - expectations exceeded. Manufacturers expect good business development into 2019.


By 2024, 40 new waste treatment plants are to be built.
This June Russia's leading environmental trade fair will again take place with official German joint participation.
With the strategy for the development of the waste processing, recycling and disposal industry, the Russian government not only wants to solve domestic disposal problems, but also to produce and export the associated machinery and equipment itself.


India is increasing renewable energies, also in the biomass sector. On the one hand it is about biofuels, on the other hand it is about energy from biomass. The projects are to be speeded up by extensive tax incentives.
The Republic of India impresses in many ways.
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